Professional bra fitting in Longford at Áine’s

Bra fitting Longford

Professional Bra Fitting in Longford

Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? That’s eight out of every ten women walking around feeling uncomfortable and in unnecessary pain. The wrong bra size does a lot more than cause discomfort; it can be the source of back pain, headaches and all round tension. Don’t fall into this trap, get a professional bra fitting in Longford.

A woman’s bra size will change six times throughout her life time due to lifestyle changes, changes in weight and pregnancy. We’re aware of alternation in our dress size and our boobs are no different. It’s important to get measured so you’re wearing the right fit. A lot of women don’t even realise they’re wearing the wrong size bra.

While you may have a particular bra you love, if it doesn’t fit it doesn’t look sexy. The style of a bra doesn’t matter as much as how it functions. Our trained in-store bra fitters can tell immediately if your bra is wrong for you. We have the expertise to measure and fit you properly. If you’re changing styles, Áine recommends you are fitted for every bra you purchase.

We had a Panache consultant in Áine’s Boutique at the weekend which was a great success. However, at any time you can come into the store for a personal, private and confidential fitting. It only takes a few minutes but will result in a lifetime of comfort.

Wearing the wrong bra can affect your shape and how your clothes look. After a fitting from us, you will look and feel fabulous in any outfit. We stock a wide range of bras with a variety of styles from leading brands Triumph, Panache, Chantelle, Fantasie, Calvin Klein, Freya, Sloggy, Wonderbra and many more. So from your every day bra to something a bit sexier, we have you covered.